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ALL ARE ONE- The Immigration Story was developed by Crossing Borders - Dubuque, a group of priests, women religious and lay people, who meet regularly to address Comprehensive Immigration Reform. They share this resource in the hopes that it will assist those who engage in its process to continue to live the gospel mandate: I was a stranger and you welcomed me. Mt. 25: 35

The Immigration Story is a four session study program focusing on

  1. Immigration: Your Personal Story,

  2. Immigration Myths and Scripture,

  3. Catholic Social Teaching and Church Teaching on Immigration, and

  4. Why We Need Comprehensive Immigration Reform.

Each session is designed to be 30-45 minute faith formation program complete with guides and handouts. This initiative is especially geared to parish staffs, committees, lay formation, and religious education programs. Faith sharing groups and individuals may also desire to use it for personal reflection.

To download the materials, click.

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