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Alumnae Obituaries Reported in 2009
Alvina Klocker Gehl2/7/09Class of 1924
Sister Mary Paschal (Catherine) Kelly11/1/09Class of 1927
Irma McLain O'Keefe 6/13/08Class of 1929
Marie Klocker Ressler3/12/09Class of 1929
Genevieve McCormick Healy2/27/09Class of 1934
Mary Elaine Fessler Noonan4/27/09Class of 1938
Celestine Byrne Gile2/12/09Class of 1940
Rosemary Leiser Smith2/21/09Class of 1940
Ann Myers Thomas12/31/02Class of 1941
Joan Schulz Minges8/12/09Class of 1942
Virginia M. Stallsmith9/25/09 Class of 1942
Pat McDonald Hutchins  6/25/09Class of 1948
Marina Klein Feldman Class of 1949
Mary Jo  Melloy Schiesl11/4/09Class of 1949
Jean Wahlert Stoltz 1/14/09 Class of 1959
Shirley Finn Oglesby11/22/09Class of 1960
JoAnn Zalaznik Steinhoff 8/6/09Class of 1961
Jackie Leiser Briggs 6/28/09Class of 1962

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